4 Yoga Poses for Toning and Tranquility

4 Yoga Poses for Toning and Tranquility

Many people are interested in toning up a particular part of the body but aren’t quite sure how to do it. Others are interested in yoga but just don’t know where to start. This article will help you tone up that problem part of your body as well as teach you a few fundamental poses to jump start your Yoga routine. We put together 4 Yoga poses for toning and tranquility that anyone can do regardless of your experience level. Practice these poses daily and you will tone up and trim the fat in no time!

4 Great Yoga Poses for Toning and Tranquility

Cobra Pose for a Flat Belly

Lay facedown with your hands down by your shoulders. Inhale as you lift up your torso with your arms, creating an arc in your back. Once fully extended, exhale and hold this pose for 10 breaths.
This pose will stretch the spine, and open up your chest to allow for deeper breathing and improved circulation. Boosting serotonin levels by increasing blood flow to the brain while strengthening your stomach and abs.

Warrior ll Pose to Tone Arms

Begin standing with your legs in a wide stance, approx 4 feet apart. Turning one foot at a 90 degree angle, while exhaling bend the knee of the angled foot. You should bend until your leg creates a 90 degree angle or your thigh is parallel to the ground. Then inhale while you raise your arms straight out to either side, hold for 10 breaths and repeat with the other leg.
The Warrior ll pose will help take care of that unsightly underarm jiggle while toning your arms, shoulders and chest.
An added benefit of practicing a yoga pose like this is it will instill you with confidence. By taking up a large amount of space and taking a powerful pose such as this you will actually boost your confidence while strengthening your body.

Tree Poset to Tighten Thighs

This is a classicly “Yoga looking” pose. Begin by placing the sole of your foot flat against the inner thigh of our other leg. Place your hands together in front of your chest and balance on your one leg for 10 breaths. Repeat with the other leg once done.

Balancing on one leg will force you to use the muscles in your thigh that are rarely used. Toning and tightening this troublesome area like no other exercise. Also yielding immense cognitive benefits, by balancing on one leg you are forced to be present in the moment which can boost cognitive skills and brain function. Also boosting oxygen flow to the brain, this pose is a favorite of Yogi masters for a good reason, combining body, mind and the present moment in perfect harmony.

Triangle Pose for a Perky Bum

Standing with your legs 4 feet apart, turn your right foot 90 degrees. Bending at the hip towards your right leg, reach your left arm above your head and hold this pose for 5 breaths. Repeat with the other leg for an additional 5 breaths.

This yoga pose stretches your whole body, relieving tension and leaving you feeling centered and powerful. Working both the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius this pose is remarkable for firming and lifting your behind while relieving tension.