Caitlyn Bellamy

Caitlyn Bellamy

Caitlyn Bellamy Bio

Height: 5’9’’

Weight: 137 lbs

Born: 1986

Birthplace: Fort Saint John, British Columbia, Canada


Twitter: @CaitBellamy

Facebook: Caitlyn Bellamy Facebook Page

Caitlyn Bellamy

After seeing her 49 year old mother compete in a fitness show, Caitlyn Bellamy decided that she wanted to give it a try. She promptly hired a personal trainer and trained hard for a full year before she entered into her first competition in June 2008. Since then she has been published in top fitness magazines like, Status Fitness Magazine, Inside Fitness Magazine, Physique Magazine and Natural Bodz Magazine among others.

Caitlyn now resides in Alberta, Canada and stays busy by training others. Helping people achieve their very own fitness goals while continuing to pursue her own. A Canadian goddess, proud wife and mother of 2. Our hat goes off to this fitness sensation.

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