Kelly Gonzalez

Kelly Gonzalez

Kelly Gonzalez Bio

Height: 5’1’’

Weight: 105 lbs

Born: July 1st, 1985

Birthplace: Annapolis, Maryland, USA


Twitter: @KellyGFitness

Facebook: Kelly Gonzalez Facebook Page

Kelly Gonzalez

Passion for physical fitness and health is a must if you intend on being successful as a leading fitness model. Kelly Gonzalez embodies this passion, coupled with a positive attitude that is evident as soon as she enters a room.

Kelly holds multiple degrees, including a Masters of Science from the California University of Pennsylvania. Now residing in Southern California, her infectious smile and award winning physique can be spotted on the beach and in Whole Foods Market.
Writing and consulting as a health and fitness expert, Kelly Gonzalez lives and breathes health. Kelly’s passion can be explained clearly by her mission statement, “To help people live well by means of health and fitness education, inspiration, and mind, body, and spirit connection.”

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