Kettlebell How To

Kettlebell How To

With people as busy as they are these days, working out can be difficult to work into their schedule. This is part of the reason kettlebells have become extremely popular lately. Kettlebell training is a way to workout in half the time and yield twice the results of a conventional workout.

Receiving the figure you always wanted, burn fat, build lean muscle and enhance your functional strength. The idea behind kettlebell training is that you are moving the weight in ways that you don’t with other weights, working muscles in a totally different way. Swinging the weight to activate the muscles of the back, legs and arms. Resistance cardio training is the best way to explain how kettlebell training works.

Doing kettlebell swings for example, you should be shooting for between 50 and 100 reps in each set. Regardless of your athletic ability this takes a significant amount of time to complete each set. Raising your heart rate for an extended period of time by performing muscle activating exercises for a long period of time with the added resistance of the weight of the kettlebell.

How To Pick The Right Kettlebell

  • One mistake most people make when picking out their first kettlebell is they go too heavy. Remember you are going to be doing up to 100 reps of certain exercises, others you will be holding or swinging the kettlebell above your head. You want the kettlebell to be heavy enough to offer a challenge and resistance, but not so heavy that you can lose control of it or strain your body too hard.

  • Before you buy a kettlebell, pick it up and see how it feels. Things to look for include, can you fit both hands in the handle comfortably? Can you wrap your hands around the handle fully? Does it feel solid and well made? A one piece kettlebell thats handle is a part of the bell itself is best, afterall you will be swinging this around and sometimes it will above your head. You do not want it coming apart during use, make sure you buy a quality kettlebell.

  • Think about getting more than 1 kettlebell, by having the option between a couple of different weights you can use the right weight for the right workout.

Many people have gotten into the kettlebell craze due to a popular blogger and author Tim Ferriss. He goes deep into why kettlebell workouts are so beneficial. Burning fat extremely effectively and building functional strength that can be applied in our day to day life.

Kettlebell workouts are so effective for weight loss because they activate muscle groups that burn enormous amounts of calories. Kettlebell swings for example work out the muscles surrounding the spine, these are rarely worked out and account for a great deal of your overall muscle. Also activating your legs, glutes arms and shoulders, combined with high rep count this resistance cardio burns up a huge amount of calories in a very short time.