The Most Popular Exercises That Are Overrated

The Most Popular Exercises That Are Overrated

So many people make the new years resolution to lose weight and get fit but don’t know where to start. Many turn to the basics that they have heard about for years, or were made popular decades ago in your gym class. Sadly many of these exercises are ineffective and potentially harmful. The following exercises are the top overrated exercises that you should avoid altogether.

Most Popular Exercises That Are Overrated

Planks & Side Planks

This exercise is a good starting exercise to build up some stabilizer muscles. That being said, doing planks or side planks is really not an effective way to get the most out of your workout. If you can plank for 60 seconds then you should be moving onto more effective exercises that will help you progress.

Planks are a common exercise in yoga, this is because you are doing a moderately difficult pose while focusing on your breathing and form. When you are looking to lose weight or build muscle though, planks are certainly not the way to go.

Challenge your body with dynamic exercises to build your core strength. Static poses like planks have their place, but to progress faster be sure to mix up your routine and challenge yourself.


Probably the most commonly known exercise. Crunches are ubiquitous with losing belly fat and attaining that 6 pack. This is misconception, this popular abdominal exercise should be avoided altogether.

Crunches only target a very small muscle group, they won’t get you the full rock solid abs that so many think they will. Beyond this, crunches cause a severe amount of strain on the neck and back which can lead to pulled muscles and injuries.

Instead of crunches, incorporate balance ball exercises into your routine. These balancing exercises will activate a much wider muscle range as well as the stabilizer muscles.

Seated Knee Extension

Like so many machine based exercises, seated knee extensions only target a very specific muscle group. This does not translate well into other applications.

Replace the seated knee extensions with much more beneficial exercises that activate the whole leg as well as the stabilizer muscles. Dumbbell lunges and squats are a great alternative that use a wide range of leg muscles and also help your stabilizer muscles. This translates into much more useful muscle growth and functional strength.

Hanging Knee Raise

This exercise is not ineffective or too easy, it is too hard for most people. Without proper training and adequate strength it is very easy to do this exercise wrong. This means you are not building muscular strength and you are leaving yourself open to injury.

Many people flock to this exercise because it challenges them and looks relatively simple. Ensure if you are doing it though you are working with an athletic trainer who can teach you how to do it properly and effectively in order to prevent injuries.

Tire Flips

Flipping tires has become a very popular exercise with the new cross-fit fad hitting the world by storm. It has been an integral part of the strongman competition for many years also.

The problem with tire flips is the extreme stress they cause on your lower back. Even when you have the correct form when you perform tire flips, this is not a natural movement for your body.

The strongmen who do this challenge are extremely fit and have next to perfect form but still have severe back problems due to this exercise. The lack of hip mobility is a big contributor to the injuries caused by this exercise. Even the most advanced athletes can go into lumbar kyphosis.

Avoid These Most Popular Overrated Exercises

Instead of limiting yourself and potentially harming your body by performing these overrated exercises opt for more effective exercises proven to enhance your workout. Activate larger muscle groups, focus on functional strength and above all safety.