12 Best Supplements for Weight Loss

12 Best Supplements for Weight Loss

Sometimes getting rid of that extra weight can be seemingly impossible. A healthy diet and frequent exercise are the pinnacle of fat loss but if you are looking for that extra edge you can really turbocharge your results. The best supplements for weight loss can help you burn off weight passively by increasing fat consumption on a cellular level, or by inhibiting a portion of the fats you consume from being absorbed at all.
Here is a list of the dozen best weight loss supplements that can help you lose weight more rapidly and effectively than ever before.

Green Tea Polyphenols

The health benefits of green tea are plentiful. Brimming with antioxidants, green tea is truly a powerful health tonic. Green Tea’s effects on weight loss are two fold.
1. Green Tea will prompt a thermogenic effect in the body, raising the internal temperature of the body and burning off excess calories. These excess calories are burned up by the cells and the byproduct of this process is heat. Burning off these extra calories prevents them from being turned into fat. This thermogenic effect also makes your current fatty deposits more accessible for your cells to use as energy reserves. Meaning your cells will draw from fat cells in order to produce energy.

2. Green tea acts as an appetite suppressant. By drinking a few cups a day or supplementing with a green tea supplement you can help reduce overeating. Suppressing the appetite and preventing overeating will help you keep your calorie intake in check and prevent fat build up before it even begins.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

A popular weight loss aid, this is on the top of most people’s list for the best supplements for weight loss. It is a fat itself, but much like Omega 3 it encourages cells to draw from the fat for energy.

CLA has been found to increase total metabolism. One study found that after supplementing Conjugated Linoleic Acid for a 12 week period, subjects had lower obesity indices with no obvious adverse effects.


For having no nutritional benefits or caloric value, fiber is extremely beneficial for our health. Passing through the digestive tract and causing toxins to bind themselves to it in order to be expelled from the body. Helping regulate our bowel movements and promoting a healthy digestive tract and colon. Eating fiber is very healthy, helping unwanted materials, toxins and fats pass through our body with ease.

Fiber makes you feel full. Slowing down the rate of digestion and leaving you feeling full for longer. It also helps transport fats and sugars through our digestive system much quicker to prevent unwanted fat stores to be absorbed.


Normally when you think of calcium you think of healthy bones and teeth. Touted for its ability to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis. In order to do this effectively though it needs the Vitamin duo of D3 and K2 so it can reach the bones and be properly absorbed.

It has been found that by supplementing your calcium levels you can help shed excess visceral fat stores. The most significant findings were in individuals with a relatively low daily calcium intake, but these findings show that by supplementing your calcium levels you can help reduce your weight and increase metabolic health.


This supplement has immense health benefits that go far beyond helping weight loss efforts. A powerful antioxidant that significantly improves cellular energy production.

By increasing cellular energy production and muscle gains, L-Carnitine helps reduce your body’s fat content. Drawing on the fat stores for energy. If you are exercising to lose weight L-Carnitine is a remarkably effective supplement to add into your weight loss efforts. Boosting energy production and muscle mass, it helps melt fat much more effectively, maximizing your weight loss efforts.


This is the spicy compound found in hot peppers that gives them their kick. Available in a non-spicy supplement form you can harness the weight loss benefits of capsaicin without burning your mouth.

Prompting a thermogenic effect in the body, it works much like green tea’s polyphenols. Burning away excess fat stores and calories effortlessly. Using up the calories that would be converted into fat, burning them off and producing heat as a byproduct.

Some people suggest supplementing capsaicin while dieting to help prevent the all so common rebound. Helping keep the fat off that you worked so hard to lose in the first place.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)

There is quite a bit of controversy circulating around the health world regarding this weight loss supplement. Often administered as an injection, it is also available in oral supplement form. The scientific proof of just how effective HCG is for weight loss is lacking though.

Used primarily as a pregnancy hormone, used to treat women with infertility. It does yield powerful cellular health benefits including cellular longevity and inducing cellular apoptosis.

It is not recommended that you take hCG supplements over the counter without first working with your doctor and ensuring it is the best option.

Diatomaceous Earth

A very fine powder made from fossilized algae, diatomaceous earth has detoxifying benefits that can help promote passive weight loss. The reported benefits of supplementing with diatomaceous earth include healthier hair, teeth, gums along with lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Acting much like fiber does, diatomaceous earth appears to be a fine powder. Under a microscope though it begins to reveal just how it benefits our gastrointestinal health. Appearing much like jagged shards of glass, it passes through the intestine scraping up all the bacteria, toxins, parasites and other harmful compounds, ridding them from the body. Soaking up lingering fats and sticky LDL cholesterol that can cling to the walls of the intestine.

Omega 3

Omega oils or fatty acids are one of the most popular supplements these days. Required by everyone because our bodies don’t produce it naturally. You can acquire it through dietary sources by eating wild fatty fish like salmon or you can supplement it with a high quality EPA DHA Omega 3 Fight Oil supplement. But it is essential to get an adequate amount of these fatty acids each day in order to maintain a healthy metabolism.

Besides improving our metabolism, Omega 3 fatty acids help our overall cellular health. Translating in a plethora of health benefits including cognitive health, cardiovascular health and even improving weight loss efforts from exercising. Improving the blood flow to our muscles during exercise and helping shed extra weight than exercise alone.


Known for its health benefits by wine drinkers across the globe, much to their chagrin it is much more effective when taken as a supplement. Resveratrol supplements can help you lose weight by lowering bad cholesterol, improve heart health and in turn improve our blood glucose sensitivity. This means our body can naturally keep its weight gain in check.

Vitamin D3

A staggering amount of people are deficient in this sunshine vitamin. It is highly recommended you supplement your Vitamin D levels with a quality Vitamin D3 supplement in order to avoid the pitfalls of Vitamin D deficiency.

Playing a vital role in our immune systems health and many bodily processes, Vitamin D is an important nutrient to keep in plentiful quantity. People who are deficient in Vitamin D are much more prone to weight gain, therefore by supplementing Vitamin D3 you can help avoid unwanted weight gain and fat accumulation.


There are many reasons to supplement with L-Glutamine, improved immune function, healthier digestive tract, improved muscle growth and muscle recovery as well as an increased metabolic rate.
This increase in metabolic rate is very beneficial to those looking to shed some excess weight. Improving weight loss efforts as well as muscle function in order to improve overall athletic performance. An increased metabolism will help you burn weight effortlessly and you benefit from the added health benefits of L-Glutamine.

  • Green Tea will prompt a thermogenic effect in one’s body system, raising the internal temperature of one’s body system and burning off excess calories.