5 of the Best Fat Burning Foods

5 of the Best Fat Burning Foods

Living up the standards of being sexy and healthy is never so simple. Beyond the need for skimpy clothing is a lean body that does not show off unwanted curves. For the love and aspiration of a head-turning and fit bod “losing weight” has become a common statement. Unfortunately, the agony of restricting oneself from a lot of foods always gets in the way of a successful weight loss program. Undeniably, everyone loves to eat and gasps for, “if only I can lose weight while eating.” True enough, the statement can actually be a reality, in fact, there are some foods that burn fats when eaten. Researches have presented that certain foods have high thermogenic property that spikes up the body’s metabolism thus burning out those unwanted fats. With these treats you can already enjoy eating while kicking the flab’s away.

The Best Fat Burning Foods


Perhaps avocado is on top of the list of dietary fallacies for its reputation of being a fatty fruit that isn’t good for the body. Truth is, contrary to what people believe in, that fat it has is actually an amazing fat burner. Now who says that a fat can’t be combated by another fat? The monounsaturated fat helps the production of more fat-burning hormones. Furthermore, it is utilized by the body as a slow source of energy than saturated fats. Omega 9 fat like those abundant in avocado are known to lower down blood cholesterol level/ low density lipoprotein. This fat is also an excellent food partner wherein it makes fat-soluble vitamins and antioxidants from the foods eaten with it absorbed better by the body.

Wild Salmon

Isn’t it great to enjoy eating without the guilt of gaining weight? That’s exactly what salmons, specifically the wild salmon offers. It helps regulate the level of leptin inside the body that helps improve metabolism. So basically it helps one lose weight and have a healthy body. The omega 3 in wild salmons also prevents cardiac problems, boosts the body’s immune system and prevents certain cancers.


For a lot of people, drinking coffee has always been fulfilling and indeed it truly is. The caffeine in coffee stimulates the production of lipase, an enzyme that aids in the conversion of food fats into fatty acids and glycerine so it can be metabolized by the body and used as energy. In addition, coffee also has Chlorogenic acids that call for the body to break fast down. With the collaboration of the two, fat burning is always guaranteed.

For the coffee to be effective it must be black without any creamer or milk as these affect caffeine’s effectiveness. Take note as well that coffee should be taken in moderation since when taken in a large amount it can also affect daily functioning.

Green tea

The EGCG or the Epigallocatechin gallate is very notorious in enhancing the fat-burning mechanism of the body and reduces gaining fats as evidenced by flabs. With this, weight loss gets a very high probability and that lean healthy body may be achievable with the right diet and exercise. Researchers suggest that at least 4 cups a day should be consumed to achieve a quicker result.

Chili Peppers

Heat is highly necessary to burn fats and that’s what capsaicin offers. Capsaicin is a compound found in chilli peppers that gives it that fiery punch resulting to an elevated intensity of body heat that causes calories to be burnt. There is nothing like a chilli pepper that seems to be like a dragon puffing the flame.

Get the heat from eating the chili raw, from spicy dishes in restaurants or simply add up chopped chilis to your regular meals at home.

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