The Contraceptive The Government Hides In Our Drinking Water

The Contraceptive The Government Hides In Our Drinking Water

As many people already know, about two thirds of all drinking water in the United States is fluoridated. What is also widely accepted is the fact that fluoride has many side effects to our health, making it an unwanted harmful substance.

What is relatively new news is that fluoride in our drinking water has been linked to sperm damage and other reproductive issues, severely inhibiting fertility in men who drink fluoridated water regularly.

The Ugly Truth About Fluoride

Most studies done are on the compound called Sodium Fluoride, this is not the compound added to most drinking water though. Sodium Fluoride is the pharmaceutical grade form which is used in most toxicology studies and research.

Sodium Silicofluoride and Hydrofluorosilicic Acid are the compounds actually used in drinking water fluoridation. They are classified as hazardous waste materials, the waste products of the fertilizer industry.

A new study compared the toxicity of three fluoride compounds, Sodium Fluoride and two Silicofluoride compounds. Observing their effect on the growth, feeding and reproduction of roundworms.

The study suggested that Silicofluorides have very similar toxicity profiles to that of Sodium Fluoride.

A previous study suggested that Sodium Fluoride may damage something called sperm chemotaxis. A process that attracts the sperm toward the egg, a critical role in the fertilization process.

While this study involved mice, if translated to humans it puts men at serious risk of becoming infertile by regularly drinking tap water and other fluoridated water.


Fluoride and Male Fertility

The Fluoride Action Network reports that there has been significant research done proving that fluoride has an extremely harmful effect on the male reproductive system.

While most of these studies have been done on animals, there have been numerous studies done on humans with regards to fluoridation and reproductive repercussions.

Potential Side Effects of Fluoride on Male Reproduction

      • Decrease in Testosterone Levels

      • Inhibited Sperm Motility

      • Reduced Quantity of Sperm

      • Increases in Oxidative Stress

      • Altered Sperm Morphology

      • Reducing the Capacity to Reproduce

This is shocking news for men, however the fluoride hazards do not stop here. They have enormous health side effects that go far beyond our reproductive health. Seeing as fluoride is a dangerous toxin, poisonous to our health and accumulating in our body it is a wonder that the government still adds it to our drinking water. The dental association will likely defend the use of fluoride for dental health, however there has been much evidence proving that fluoride is ineffective at preventing tooth decay. So why do we still put up with it in our water, toothpaste and more?

Health Side Effects of Fluoride Beyond Reproductive Health

Male reproduction is one of many casualties thanks to fluoridated water supplies. Dozens of studies have been done showing fluoride has a huge impact on our brain health. 25 of these studies show that fluoride reduces the IQ in children. Even more have linked fluoride to brain damage in animal studies.

Pregnant rats given fluoride gave birth to hyperactive offspring (perhaps the reason ADD and ADHD are so rampant these days.) Animals who were exposed to fluoride after birth became lethargic and apathetic. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Fluoride Toxicity Linked To Health Conditions Including:

      • Arthritis

      • Osteosarcoma (Bone Cancer)

      • Bone Fractures

      • Dementia

      • Muscle Disorders

      • Impaired Thyroid Function

      • Brain Damage

      • Lowered IQ

      • Genetic Damage

      • Cell Death

      • Increased Absorption of Lead

      • Inhibited Collagen Synthesis

      • Increased Tumor Growth

      • Increased Cancer Growth

      • Disrupted Immune Function

      • Inhibited Antibody Production

      • Eye Problems (such as Blindness)

Final Thoughts on Fluoride

So we urge you to think twice about your stance on fluoride. Do your research and let the studies prove just how harmful fluoride is to our health. It is an outrage that the government can continue to add this poison to our water supply. Inhibiting our brain function, reproductive health and our well-being. The simple fact is fluoride does not improve dental health, and even IF it did, it is certainly not worth the myriad of health hazards.

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