Flesh Eating Zombie Drug in the USA

Flesh Eating Zombie Drug in the USA

It sounds like something out of the movies but a flesh eating zombie drug seems to have found its way into the United States. A flesh eating drug that turns people into zombie-like creatures called Krokodil is responsible for multiple hospitalizations in Chicago, Arizona and Oklahoma.

Krokodil – Flesh Eating Zombie Drug

An extremely addictive opioid injectable drug that has severe side effects. The veins and soft tissue surrounding the injection spot rapidly develop gangrene and necrosis. The drug then begins to clump in the veins due to a failure to dissolve, accumulating in tissue far from the injection point and eating away at the tissue from the inside out. Literally eating your body from within.

The DEA database for scientifically verified drug data has had two exhibits of Desomorphine or Krokodil dating back to 2004, but none since then.

Krokodil drug abuse has had many confirmed cases in Russia and the Ukraine, with an estimated 100,000 Russians and 20,000 Ukrainians having injected the drug in 2011 alone.

A much more available and cheaper alternative to heroin that can easily be cooked in the home, much like meth. This explains the rampant production and distribution of Krokodil when heroin supplies were less available.

The 5 recent cases of Krokodile use in the United States found that the users thought they were buying Heroin and not Krokodile. This is a looming problem that will likely get much worse before it gets better. It is not only people who are looking for a cheaper high at risk, it is anyone buying injectable drugs of any variety.

Krokodil Side Effects

While many users seem to be young adults who don’t seek treatment until symptoms have reached late stages. Side effects of Krokodil are quite severe and can include:

      • Rotting Gums

      • Rotting Ears

      • Rotting Noses and Lips

      • Liver Failure

      • Kidney Failure

      • Sores and Ulcers

      • Bone Infections

      • Bone Decay (especially in the face)

      • Necrosis and Gangrene

A much less expensive drug compared to popular alternatives, the withdrawal symptoms are extremely severe. Making it a huge problem for users who want to try it once.

Zombie Drug

During a Krokodil binge, users will experience irrational behavior, sleep deprivation, exhaustion, memory loss and speech problems. Turning the user into a kind of zombie, while the drug eats away at the flesh causing a necrosis that is ubiquitous among zombie folklore.