Poor Immune System Symptoms

Poor Immune System Symptoms

Our body’s tool in fighting off infection, disease and foreign invaders is the immune system. It plays an integral role in our health and is responsible for maintaining the health and function of every cell in our body. Poor immune system symptoms vary greatly because of this, from a toenail infection to liver failure, the severity of the symptoms can be small or fatal.

There are a few main organs responsible for maintaining our immune function, some of the biggest players are the skin, liver, kidneys and even our blood.

Weak Immune System Causes

A weak immune function is normally the result of the accumulated damage to our body. Either the manifestation of liver impairment, white blood cell abnormalities or even the use of some medications can cause our immune system to become ineffective.

Poor nutrition is the leading cause of poor immune function. The use of certain medications, especially steroids can inhibit immune function greatly. The symptoms of a poor immune system are meant to serve as a warning sign to the body, warning the body in order to avoid further deterioration of the immune function.


Poor Immune System Symptoms

Impaired immune system symptoms take their toll on our body, affecting our gastrointestinal health, brain health, liver health and overall cellular health. Promoting inflammation which leads to chronic inflammation, flooding our body with free radicals which cause severe damage to our cells. Further crippling our immune function and leaving us even more vulnerable to further damage, infection and disease manifestation.

Regular or Constant Respiratory Infections

Consistent respiratory infections are among the most common symptoms of a poor immune system. Often manifesting themselves during flu season, but not wavering until months later. People with an impaired immune function are predisposed to allergies and asthma, with symptoms lasting much longer than the average flu or cold.

In serious cases of impaired immune function these respiratory infections can become severe, bringing on pneumonia and in some cases this is fatal.

It is vital that you fortify your immune system in order to avoid these constant respiratory infections. Identifying that you have a poor immune function is the first step, so if you suffer from constant respiratory infections that last much longer than normal you should see your doctor about improving your immune function immediately.

Unexplained Weight Gain or Weight Loss

Well it is actually very explainable. When the body’s ability to protect itself is inhibited, it requires a lot more energy to defend itself from infection and disease. What’s more is the immune system is responsible for keeping the bacteria in our stomach and intestines in check, ensuring there is no overgrowth of harmful bacteria or parasites.

An impaired immune function allows these organisms to compete for the nutrients we get from food. When these organisms are too plentiful and our immunity is weak enough they succeed, causing weight loss without altering diet.

Weight gain due to poor immunity is due to the inability to process food energy effectively. The gut has a tough time breaking down and processing fats properly as a result of a poor immune system. The liver is overworked in a person with a poor immune system and this results in difficulty producing bile which is required to break down the fats we eat and convert them into energy. Meaning a poor immune system can result in weight gain, lack of energy and increased toxicity in the body due to an impaired liver function.

Unhealthy and Poor Skin Quality

The largest organ in the body, the skin also plays a huge role in our immune function. When you have a weak immune function it leaves you far more vulnerable to infectious agents and foreign organisms which can breach the skin and cause infections, irritation, dryness and discoloration.

Poor immune system symptoms can include a variety of skin problems and vulnerabilities. Psoriasis is a common skin condition that occurs when the body is flooded with toxins. This can lead to severe dryness, scaley skin and cracked skin that leaves the doors wide open for infectious agents to get a foothold and cause further problems.

Inhibited Healing Process – Predisposition to Wounds

Poor immune function inhibits the body’s ability to heal itself quite substantially. Wounds heal much slower and far less efficiently. Taxing the immune system further as it defends against infection during the healing process.

It is not uncommon to find numerous wounds healing at different stages with someone who has a poor immune system. This can lead to further skin problems as well as unsightly scars, compromising the skins defence and leaving you vulnerable to further problems down the road.

The Domino Effect of a Weak Immune System

Our immune system has an extraordinarily huge job, required to step up to the plate constantly. This is because we are exposed to infectious agents, toxins, chemicals and bacteria every day. They are found in the food we eat, water we drink, air we breath and in virtually every aspect of our lives.

Our liver is mostly responsible for filtering out these harmful substances from our body. However with our modern lifestyle and diet we are bombarding our liver, overloading it with work. This can lead to inflammation of the liver, liver damage and potentially liver failure. Because we cannot avoid all the toxins in our lives, it is vital to promote our liver health through proper nutrition and natural supplements. While minimizing our exposure to contagions and toxins.

Once the immune system is compromised, we are far more vulnerable to further damage. If it is busy dealing with an infection for example, it leaves the door wide open for further infection to take hold.

Impaired liver function doesn’t just affect the liver, it can cause a myriad of problems across our whole body. Impaired liver function could mean severe brain health repercussions, because our body is incapable of responding the the excess free radicals which cause severe damage to our brain cells. Increasing cell damage, inflammation and the manifestation of disease.


Importance of a Strong Immune System

This means someone suffering with a poor immune system is likely to continue to suffer from poor immune function unless it is addressed promptly and properly. A strong immune system is the number one defence against infection, disease and cellular damage. Making it imperative to promote liver health and cellular health through nutritional supplementation and leading a healthy lifestyle.