11 Secrets to Amazing Orgasms

11 Secrets to Amazing Orgasms

Whether you are having trouble having an orgasm or you simply want that moment to be bigger and better, there are many things you can do to improve your orgasm. Solo or with a partner, a great orgasm is very beneficial for your health and your enjoyment. These secrets to amazing orgasms are directed towards women, however many of these secrets can be translated towards men as well.

Top Secrets to Amazing Orgasms Every Time

1. Friction is Fantastic!

Try a position that increases the amount of friction during intercourse. Get on top and rub your clitoris on your partners pubic bone during sex to enhance the sensation.

If you prefer being on the bottom you can put a pillow underneath your bum to achieve a more intense sensation.

Give a vibrator a try during sex. Many women think that their man will be intimidated if you bring a vibrator in during sex, this just isn’t true in most cases. Talk to your partner before sex and let them know you are thinking of introducing this new toy to your sex life. The fact that you will have a more intense and pleasurable orgasm will be exciting for him, not intimidating.

top-secrets-to-amazing-orgasms2. Communicate

Believe it or not, most men want some direction in bed. Whether you are letting them know what they are doing is working for you by moaning or telling them it feels great. You can also guide their hands or movements to give your partner a better idea of what works for you.

Don’t be timid in bed, let your partner know what you want. This will allow them to learn your body and be able to pleasure you better than ever. Not only does this enhance your sexual experiences, but it gives your partner a feeling of accomplishment, increasing their confidence and really spicing up your sex life.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

This is a straightforward tip, if you don’t know what turns you on, it is difficult to let your partner know what you want. Masturbate, plain and simple. Learn your body and learn what turns you on, you can do this solo with a vibrator. Take what you learn and use it to improve your sex life with your partner.

4. Exercise your Orgasm

Kegels might just be what you need in order to take your orgasm from pleasurable to AMAZING! If you have a hard time understanding how to practice kegel exercises the best way to learn is to locate the muscles in your pelvic floor. Do this by stopping the stream of pee when you go to the bathroom, do this a few times while you pee. These are the muscles you need to exercise, once you get a handle on how to activate them while peeing, you can practice it out of the bathroom, practically wherever.

Do kegel exercises a few times a day, ensure you are breathing regularly while performing these exercises. This can give you much more control over your orgasm and increase the sensation for your partner as well.

5. Get Adventuroustop-secrets-to-amazing-orgasms

Be a thrill seeker, whether it is mountain climbing or watching a scary movie with your partner. The thrill these activities provide gives your brain a dose of dopamine that get you and your partner in the mood. This will enhance your sex drive and your sexual sensation.

No need to become an adrenaline junky or extreme sports enthusiast, just watching a spooky film or adding a sense of danger to your sexual experience can have the same effect (the thrill of being caught).

6. Delay, Delay, Release

The longer you buildup your orgasm the more intense it will be. When you are getting close to your climax, simmer it down by slowing down. Once you have calmed your climax down a few times, then allow yourself to climax and you will have a much more pleasurable and intense orgasm because of it.

This same secret works for men as well, this creates a kind of ebb and flow to your sexual encounter. Intense and fast moments, followed by slower more calming moments. The end result will be a thoroughly satisfying orgasm for you and your partner.

7. Remember to Breath

The idea of Tantric sex may be foreign to some, but the central premise for it is focused, controlled breathing. By using your breath to channel your sexual energy you can enhance your orgasm significantly.

Sync up your breathing with your partner, by breathing in tandem with your partner you can slow down the buildup to your orgasm. Creating a bigger buildup and an intensified more pleasurable climax.

8. Explore Pornography Together

Not all porn is giant penises and women doing unrealistic things with them. There are many videos available that are much more tasteful, many even have a storyline. By watching these videos with your partner you can help arouse yourself and your partner. The more aroused you are, the better your orgasm will be.

Steamy books can also be used to enhance your sex life and quality of your orgasm. Video’s are a great way to include your partner in this orgasm enhancing activity though.

9. Getting Creative with Foreplay

To start building up the anticipation you can send sexy text messages or e-mails to your partner to start revving up your engines. By starting foreplay 30 minutes or an hour before you even see your partner can help enhance the passion and pleasure of your sex life.

Sending teasing pictures is another great way to arouse your partner and yourself, but always be careful, not all e-mail is totally private.


10. Involve your Doctor

This is not what it sounds like, you need to talk to your doctor about the medications you are taking and the effect they have on your libido. Women are much more likely to take antidepressants than men, these can inhibit your sex drive and affect your orgasm. If you are having trouble getting in the mood, talk to you doctor about your medications.

If you are not taking an medication but you or your partner are still having problems, it may be nerve damage or low testosterone. Your doctor can help diagnose and treat these problems, restoring your sex drive and re-invigorating your sex life.

You can also find a sexual therapist to help work through sexual dysfunctions. The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists offer help at aasect.org

11. Relax

More than 70% of women said that work stress has compromised their sex drive and sex life. This stress has an effect on the libido which not only lowers your desire to have sex, but your chances of having an orgasm.

Once you reach your bedroom door you should ditch life’s distractions and stresses, focus entirely on the moment and on your partner. This may take practice before you can simply clear your mind of all these distractions. Practicing yoga or meditation regularly can help train your mind to practice mindfulness.

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