5 Tips for Healthier Hair

5 Tips for Healthier Hair

Do you think if Rapunzel had brittle, breakable non shiny hair that anyone would want to fetch her from anywhere?  No, her hair had to be beautiful and strong, very strong.  Do you think your hair is long enough and strong enough that someone could actually climb on it? While it may not need to be strong enough that a full grown man can climb it to save you from a tower, there are 5 great tips for healthier hair, increasing its strength and appearance.

People have been known to spend a lot of money on shampoos and conditioners to get that healthy silky smooth tresses.  There are many commercials on TV these days that claim if you use their shampoos your hair will turn from dull and lifeless to beautiful and quite manageable in no time at all. Do you believe them?

You don’t have to submit to your unhealthy hair or fall victim to the claims of expensive hair product manufacturers.

5 Tips for Healthier Hair

1.   Eat Healthy for Healthier Hair

You need to consume a well balanced diet and eat foods that are high in protein, omega three fatty acids, zinc, iodine and biotin.  Kidney beans are a good source of protein, zinc and biotin.  Walnuts contain omega three fatty acids and zinc so snack on a handful of walnuts daily to yield these benefits. Eating chicken and turkey would be good for your protein and iron intake. Start your day with whole grains such as whole wheat bread or have a bowl of steel cut oatmeal for breakfast.

2.   Brush Right to Prevent Damage to Your Hair

Use a natural boar bristle brush for dry hair and a rubber tooth wide paneled brush for damp hair.  Brush your hair before you shampoo using gentle strokes to remove all the buildup of products that are on your hair.  This will also loosen any scalp flakes and it will stimulate your scalp and allow the blood flow to the follicles.  Remember to be gentle with your hair when it is damp or wet because it easily snaps and stretches.

3.   Protect your Ends and Protect Your Hair

If you are planning on putting on your own color make sure you mist the ends of your hair.  The ends are more porous and absorb more pigment so if you mist them the chemicals won’t damage the hair.  You will need to trim damaged ends regularly as this will improve the appearance and texture.  When you color your hair it is important to use products that help to rehydrate and repair the damage that you can do by using color on it.

4.   Deep Conditioning Treatments for Healthier Hair

Once every two weeks you will need to deep condition.  The deep conditioner penetrates the hair shaft and gives strength to the hair.  Using your blow dryer can help intensify the treatment because the heat opens the cuticle and allows the ingredients to get to the strands completely.

You don’t need to deep condition too regularly, but a couple of times a month can help ensure your hair is well nourished and healthy.

5.   Use an Ion Hair Dryer

The Ion dryers use negative ions that break up water molecules better than regular dryers.  This can cut the drying time in half.  They can also help cancel the positive ions that are damaging to the hair.  Using the nozzle piece of the hair dryer protects from heat and helps to avoid the frizz.