Best New Eco-Friendly Products, Green Business is Booming!

Best New Eco-Friendly Products, Green Business is Booming!

The business of natural, green and eco-friendly products is booming! This includes foods, drinks, cosmetics, household cleaning materials, extending to pet and garden supplies, and even to clothing and footwear!

Ethical shopping for natural products is growing in popularity amongst consumers, even if it costs them more money. This is mainly due to the fact that improved marketing and awareness campaigns, as well as a greater choice and availability, is driving consumers towards eco-friendly purchases. Offering consumers a choice, allowing them to contribute to the wellbeing of the planet for generations to come.

New Eco-Friendly Products to Check Out

Innovative, new or improved products are always popping up! This year, 2014, is certainly no exception. Have a look at some of the newer and more popular eco-friendly items:

Fight Inflammation with African Potato Cream

This wonderful healing cream, now available in double strength, is immensely popular in South Africa, and is also shipped to customers worldwide.

African Potato Cream contains only natural ingredients, the most important being African potato Tincture (hypoxis) which is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. Plant sterolins, similar to cortisone (but without any side effects), are also present.

African Potato Cream is used to repair tissue damage and soothe muscle aches and stiffness. Often used to help treat psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, sinusitis and many other chronic inflammatory conditions.

Check it out HERE

A Mommy-To-Be Bamboo Ruche Top Dress

This odd-sounding item of clothing is very versatile, and actually the perfect shape for growing bellies. It is made from bamboo fibres which are naturally very soft and absorbent, and have excellent breathability qualities. A comfortable top or dress for expectant moms who are both eco-friendly and fashion conscious.

Shop for Bamboo Dresses HERE

Bamboo Boxers and Undies

Now, something interesting for men! An Australian manufactured selection of soft, comfortable, anti-bacterial undies that are eco-friendly! Made from 95% bamboo fiber and 5% spandex, comfort is the name of the game when it comes to these bamboo boxers.

Luxuriously soft, breathable and comfortable, if you have not tried bamboo underwear before you have to give these a try.

Shop for Bamboo Boxers HERE

Some Great Vegan Delights for 2014

Great news for vegan folk!

It is difficult to maintain a 100% vegan diet while striving for diverse, flavorful recipes each and every day. Meeting the nutritional requirements to maintain a healthy body can take be difficult when avoiding animal products altogether. Sometimes there is the additional hassle of dealing with memories of rich, creamy cheese, crispy bacon, or perhaps a tasty chocolate spread, amongst others.

Vegans Rejoice! Some exciting new products have come onto the market that are 100% vegan, and tasty to boot. The latest offerings include an innovative dairy free cheese, the world’s first production and presentation of coconut bacon, and a new generation chocolate spread.

Dairy Free Cheese

Many dairy free cheeses can be bland and tasteless. There is now a new option available, completely lactose free, which is creamy, full of flavour and totally dairy free. This is a delicious alternative to the usually bland dairy free cheese.

Vegan Dairy Free Cheese HERE

Vegan Friendly Organic Coconut Bacon Strips

Finally an alternative to bacon that provides the authentic bacon feel, smoky flavor and mouth watering crispy texture! This is a world-first manufacture of vegan, gluten free coconut bacon, a cholesterol free bacon substitute that works its magical flavor on anything emanating from the kitchen.

RealHealthPRO is extremely excited about this new eco-friendly bacon alternative. Try it on salads, sandwiches and pizza! Or just snack on it alone, it’s that good!

Organic Coconut Bacon HERE

Vegan Chocolate Spread

Typical vegan chocolate spreads leave much to be desired. Difficult to spread and lacking that alluring texture and feel of regular chocolate spreads. A brand new product, Lovebean superfood vegan chocolate fudge spread, has been developed which offers the qualities lacking in the typical spreads available.

The new fudge spread is pure, potent chocolate, composed from 100% organic ingredients, is sweetened with coconut nectar, as well as virgin coconut-oil based, which promotes easy spreading. The spread is also purported to be a healthier option than other spreads because of the virgin olive oil content.

The name is quite a mouthful, but then again so is the spread!

Vegan Chocolate Spread HERE

Eco-Friendly Consumers are Spoiled for Choice

As more and more advanced, improved, or new natural products become available, ethical shopping consumers have a wide range to choose from. This applies to goods right across the spectrum, such as foods, drinks, clothing, footwear, gadgets, or anything else which may interest you.

Always make certain that any goods selected comply with eco friendly and green requirements. It is indeed your right to know!

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