Are E-Cigarettes Safe?

Are E-Cigarettes Safe?

Electronic cigarettes are a fast growing trend that according to advertisements, offers none of the negative side effects that tobacco cigarettes do. This new invention is a fast growing alternative for smokers, not only is it cheaper, but it is said to pose little to no health risks. The big question is: are E-cigarettes safe? If you’re considering investing in an E-cig, be sure to check out the pro’s and con’s of electronic cigarettes before you purchase yours.

Pro’s and Con’s of E-Cigarettes

Pro: No Tar

One of the big issues with tobacco cigarettes is the sticky tar that is in them. This tar gets inhaled and builds up in your lungs. E- cigarettes contain no tar, so this alone is a huge benefit, and for some it’s reason enough to switch.

Avoid that nasty smokers cough and stop coughing up darkened phlegm by swapping smoke for vapor, one point for a safer smoke with e-cigarettes.

Con: Fairly New Product

These products are fairly new, they were first invented and introduced to the market in 2007. So while there have been some studies done on them, it is unclear what long-term side effects e cigarettes might have. We know from years of extensive research exactly how bad tobacco cigarettes are for you, but we haven’t had the time to study exactly how safe e cigarettes are over time.

The preliminary evidence suggests they are much, much healthier than cigarettes. Carcinogenic smoke is bad for your health, by eliminating the smoke from the cigarette with the safer e-cigarette you can avoid a plethora of toxins. Putting this in the Con column is more of a precautionary measure because it is impossible to say for sure that e-cigarettes are safe, but they are certainly safer.

Pro: Far Less Expensive

With tobacco cigarette prices climbing higher and higher each day, it is becoming an increasingly expensive habit to have. A pack a day smoker will spend on average $200-$250 a month on cigarettes. That adds up to a whopping $2,400-$3,000 dollars a year. An electronic cigarette can range from $10 for a disposable, to $150 dollars for a nice start-up kit. While that may seem like a lot, the fact that the battery can be recharged, and the cartridges last about 2 weeks for a pack a day smoker, makes it far cheaper in the long run. The replacement cartridges are also far less expensive than a pack of tobacco cigarettes.

Con: They Contain Nicotine

E-cig’s contain nicotine in the form of a liquid vapor, and therefore are addictive. If you’re a tobacco smoker, you are already addicted to the nicotine, but for those who aren’t smokers this is a new drug that you are introducing to your system.

The idea behind adding nicotine to these vapor cigarettes is to help ween smokers off their addiction, offering lower doses of nicotine to quell the cravings. There are also e-cigarettes that contain no nicotine at all, they are fantastic for people trying to get over the habit of having a smoke. Offering a great alternative to chewing gum or fiddling with a toothpick constantly, crush your craving and your habit.

Pro: They Don’t Stink

Let’s face it, tobacco smoke stinks. You can always tell if a person smokes by their smell, as well as the smell of their house, and car. The strong, stale smell from tobacco cigarettes is incredibly hard to wash off your hands and out of your clothes.

The beautiful thing about an e-cig is that it does not have a smell. Because it is vapor and not smoke, there is no foul odor left behind. Save yourself from the constant odor, bad breath and smoker branded car by switching to vapor cigarettes.

Con: We Don’t Know The Effects Of Secondhand Vapor

One major concern right now is the fact that e-cig’s can be smoked anywhere, even if smoking is not permitted. Because this product is fairly new, it is hard to determine if the vapors from e-cigarettes are safe to those around the smoker. As of right now, no studies show that it is unsafe, however, these products have not even been on the market for a decade, and did not begin gaining popularity until a couple years ago.

While we can infer that they are harmless, the simple fact is that we just can’t say that with 100% certainty quite yet. One thing is certain though, the second hand vapor from e-cig’s is far less harmful than the secondhand smoke from a cigarette. Helping answer the question, “are e-cigarettes safe?”

Are E Cigarettes Safe?

While it is still too early to tell whether or not e-cigs will have negative health effects, it is obvious that they have less chemicals than cigarettes, and no tar. These facts alone would make the e-cig seem like the healthier alternative. Only time will tell what effects the e-cig really has on our health.

Is you are trying to quit smoking but just can’t seem to kick the habit no matter what you try, give an e-cigarette a try. It just might be the happy medium you need to appease your nicotine craving while getting the satisfaction of “smoking”.

Finding the Best E-Cigarette for You