Multiple Sclerosis – Better Sex

Multiple Sclerosis – Better Sex

Multiple Sclerosis can bring about many symptoms such as fatigue and dizziness. Among the myriad of symptoms many people suffering with MS experience sexual difficulties, whether it is a low libido or sexual dysfunction. However there are measures you can take in order to overcome these symptoms and once again have a happy and healthy sex life.

Re-Learn Your Body

Multiple Sclerosis is a health condition that affects the nervous system, making it important to re-learn your body. Take time to lay down in your bedroom with the door locked and re-map your body. This does not necessarily mean masturbation (however that helps as well) but anything that brings about a pleasurable feeling. Also map out what hurts, what does not feel so good, your body is different and needs to be re-learned in order to optimize arousal once again.

Communicate With Your Partner

Once you have a handle on what feels good, what doesn’t and what can hurt, tell your partner. Often times the sexual partner of those with Multiple Sclerosis needs a bit of guidance to understand what to do. They can be timid because they don’t want to hurt you. Having a conversation about what to do and what not to do will give them confidence to re-enhance your sex life once again.

Be Bold and Experiment

Your body has changed because of MS. Because of this, not all the same things will work like they did before. So be bold and experiment! Whether you do this alone or with your partner it is important to try new things to see what works for you. Treat your MS as an opportunity to try new things, the old standbys may be uncomfortable or even painful. Use pillows to support your body if needed and always communicate your pleasures and your uncomforts with your partner.

Use Toys

You may need extra stimulation now, don’t be afraid to communicate this with your partner and discuss incorporating sex toys. Sometimes this extra stimulation is necessary in order to reach that sexual climax that you strive for, do not be embarrassed about that, take it in stride and do what you need to do in order to enjoy yourself.

Use Lubricant

Vaginal dryness is a common problem among those suffering with Multiple Sclerosis. Invest in some water based lubricant and do not be afraid to apply this liberally.

Sexual Problems Associated with MS

Multiple Sclerosis brings with it a whole new set of problems that can inhibit your sex life. Embarrassing symptoms that turn many people off of having sex altogether. But there are measures you can take in order to overcome these symptoms and regain your vigor and your libido.

Bladder and Bowel Problems

Certain medications can help overcome these problems. Also drinking less before sex can help you avoid this embarrassing issue. Work with your doctor and you can overcome bladder and bowel issues from popping up during sex.

Drug Side Effects

Some medications can have side effects that affect your sex life, working closely with your doctor can help this. Either changing dosages or changing medications can help you avoid sexual dysfunction due to Multiple Sclerosis medications.

Erectile Dysfunction

This can be a common problem for those taking medications to help treat Multiple Sclerosis. It is not inevitable though, change your medication and find the best dosage in order to maintain your sexual function while treating your MS.

Spasms and Discomfort

Reduce your discomfort and potential spasms during sex by timing your medications. Timing out when you take your meds can ensure they are most effective when you need it most.