Health Benefits of Almonds

Health Benefits of Almonds

Almonds make a delicious and healthy snack when you’re on the go, and they also taste great in dishes like oatmeal or a salad filled with ingredients like spinach, onions, tomato and dried cranberries. But aside from almonds being a tasty addition to your favorite meals, these nuts provide several health benefits as well. We will explore the health benefits of almonds and the importance of incorporating them into your diet regularly.

Health Benefits of Almonds

One of the health benefits of almonds is that they are rich in protein. Protein helps to build the muscles of the body which provides physical strength. Protein also helps to strengthen the immune system to protect the body against sickness and disease. Having healthy hair, nails and skin is also the result of getting enough protein in your diet.

Almonds are high in fiber. Fiber is essential for balancing blood sugar, which is why almonds are often a snack that dieticians recommend for individuals with diabetes or insulin resistance. Fiber is also necessary for eliminating constipation, which is why a serving of apple sauce with crushed almonds can help children (and adults) achieve and maintain regularity. The National Cancer Center asserts that a diet high in fiber can help prevent colon cancer.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, it’s a good idea to start including almonds in your diet more often. That’s because almonds are a significant source of selenium, which reduces the release of histamine in the body. Selenium can help to relieve a stuffy nose, red eyes and sneezing. The substance is also beneficial for reducing the risk of heart disease since it is a powerful antioxidant. People who have been exposed to cigarette smoke or toxic chemicals on a regular basis should consume selenium on a daily basis to purify the blood and restore the function of the internal organs.

The reason that almonds are often includes in trail mix is that they are good for the brain and provide a feeling of fullness. According to the Organic Facts website, almonds are associated with healthy development in growing children, and have been linked to the overall health of the brain for people of all ages. Almonds are high in L-carnitine and riboflavin as well, which reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

The phosphorous content in almonds is also very beneficial for the body. Phosphorous helps to strengthen the bones and teeth, which lowers the chances of osteoporosis. The health of the skin can also be aided by almonds. Almond oil helps to balance the skin tone and reduce blemishes. The oil is even gentle enough to use on newborn babies and helps to thoroughly moisturize the skin.

Harnessing the Health Benefits of Almonds

These health benefits of almonds are numerous, and definitely serve as incentive for including more almonds in your diet. For example, make your own trail mix with a combination of almonds, dried pineapples, white raisins and coconut for a snack that is high in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Or, coat your favorite vegetables in almond flour and bake or roast them for a creatively tasty side dish. There are plenty of other creative ways to make sure you’re getting more of the fiber, phosphorus and protein that comes from almonds. Don’t be afraid to be creative and explore all the ways you can incorporate almonds into your meals.