Xylitol Benefits – The Best Sugar Alternative

Xylitol Benefits – The Best Sugar Alternative

Everyone has has some experience with a sugar alternative at some point no doubt, whether we hated it or didn’t mind it is another matter. So many alternatives to sugar have a distinct and often unpleasant taste, not to mention they’re riddled with chemicals. This leaves most people with the decision that they would rather just use sugar and try not to think about the negative health effects. What if there were a fantastic alternative to sugar called Xylitol, and what if it were actually healthy for you and most importantly taste just like sugar? Well it certainly makes it easier to swap out your sugar for this sugar alternative, even used in your baking and cooking at a 1:1 ratio. Let’s dive a bit deeper to understand why this is the best sugar alternative and just how beneficial Xylitol can be for our health.

Best Sugar Alternative, Xylitol Health Benefits

The big problem with sugar is that it spikes your blood glucose which leads to a number of health problems and fat accumulation. Eating away at your teeth and causing severe damage to our oral health.

Xylitol does not cause this same blood sugar spike as it is much lower on the glycemic index. As far as oral health goes, Xylitol actually improves your oral health. Fighting off cavities, plaque accumulation, bad breath and leading to significantly improved oral health when substituting Xylitol for sugar regularly.

The bacteria in our mouths thrive in the acidic environments that sugar consumption promotes. Xylitol not only does not cause this effect, but it helps prevent it for a short period after consumption. Quelling the bacteria in the mouth which helps prevent the buildup of plaque which leads to tooth decay.

Balancing the PH level in your mouth and reducing the impact on the glycemic index are two fantastic reasons to substitute the sugar in your morning coffee with Xylitol. Unlike splenda, it tastes just like sugar, has a very similar texture and can be used just the same as table sugar.

What Is Xylitol?

Xylitol is an alcohol based sugar derived from fibrous plant material, often the birch tree or corn. This alcohol based sugar is the quite possibly the key to helping you lose weight, improve oral health and avoid the pitfalls of sugar altogether.

Xylitol can be a great alternative to sugar for those suffering from diabetes, when trying to limit the sugar intake throughout the day but without giving up sweets entirely. There are so many products lately that have started using Xylitol. From gum to chocolate and everything in between, there is no doubt a Xylitol alternative to your favorite sugary treat. When it comes to baking you can just swap out sugar for Xylitol and reap the benefits of this fantastic sugar alternative without sacrificing taste or quality.
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